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Prairie Pockets

Prairie Pockets...... Pockets in women's clothing were not common in those early days on the prairie. Pioneer women wore Prairie Pockets (thus, born the "pocket book")instead of using more precious expensive fabric to add pockets to every dress they made.  One Prairie Pocket could be worn with any dress and the same Prairie Pocket could be worn everyday of the week!  Many times a lady on the prairie would wear 2 at a time- one on the outside of her skirt- holding sewing necessities, hankie etc. and one underneath her skirt for private items like keys, coins etc.

Today we call them pocketbooks or purses.

Those early Prairie Pockets were very functional and held everything from hankies to sewing supplies ~ in fact as with many everyday items, not many survived to be handed down to family members or antique shops.

Just as in the turn-of-the-centuries prairie days Prairie Pockets are very useful today, holding more modern day items like our cell phones, garden pruners, seed packets, even clothespins and keys!  The list goes on.....  They even make great gifts for anyone relying on walkers/canes or wheelchairs to get around, as Prairie Pockets free-up both hands! 

Prairie Pockets are aprox. 13 inches long and 8 1/2 inches wide (bottom).  One size fits most. The standard tie is aprox. 56 inches long (I do make longer ties ~ just let me know if you need one made with a longer tie). It is easy to shorten the length too!  The standard length fits most people ranging in clothing size from ladies 10-18.

I have several......one for the garden (to hold seed packets, pruners and such) and one for everyday wear (holds my cell phone, keys, etc.) and one I put on for laundry day (for my closespins) and one that is quilted with fancy stitching that I wear to town for hands free shopping!  Great for those morning/evening walks too!  WHAT WILL YOU CARRY IN YOUR PRAIRIE POCKET???????

Customer Comment on Facebook today 6/28/2010: Dawn D./ "Clothes pins, produce out of the garden, kleenex for little noses, pen, little works of art from the littlest of children that is what i wear in my apron and prairie pocket! what do you wear in yours?"

This is an item that I can make in any color you want..... special orders taken!  Email me and I can make yours specially for you!